About Us

JDDN Innovations brings together a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the financial services and payments industry in order to provide our customers with specialized software and services.

Our range of knowledge and experiences includes the following areas:

  •  Full authorization and end-of-day processing of Retail Banking Systems – EFTPOS, ATM and branch banking
  • Credit card, debit card and smartcard processing including acquiring, routing, switching and online/offline processing strategies
  • Various card, devices and interchange specifications and protocols used for EFTPOS and ATM acquirers, issuers and global interchanges – such as ISO8583, XML, ISO 20022, EMV
  • Mandatory encryption and security requirements of payment systems involving the use of hardware and software methods

We are well-placed to continue to build upon our experience, gained from years of software development and implementation of mission-critical systems, to offer innovative solutions and services in the area of payments.